Who we are

edenceHealth (from ‘evidence’ and ‘Health’) provides IT services to people and organizations that work with Real World Evidence (RWE). Our focus is on developing solutions to support Real World Data (RWD) and RWE projects. Our goal is ultimately to help improve people’s life, while being able to work with the latest technologies and solutions to provide new opportunities in healthcare.

What We Do

Why we do this

Over the past few years in particular, the role of Real World Data (RWD) and Real World Evidence (RWE) in making healthcare decisions has steadily grown in importance; we believe this trend is just set to continue. Health data is gathered at an increasing rate, due to improved technical capabilities, new sources of health data (such as personal devices), and improved methodologies and applications to provide new uses of health data.

What led us to start edenceHealth was the increasing need for IT services within this domain, with several regional and pan-European initiatives and projects focusing on RWE and its applications either planned or underway. For example, the EHDEN (European Health Data and Evidence Network) project, whose goal it is to make a large-scale analysis of health data in Europe a reality. With our internal experience in these kinds of projects, we are in a position to offer solid services for this and other RWE projects.

Our Collaborators

There’s a digital revolution taking place both in and out of government
in favor of open-sourced data, innovation, and collaboration.

Kathleen Sebelius

former U.S. secretary of health and human services